Double Issue 63/64: Regeneration

Issue 63 + Issue 64 (Annual Prize Anthology)

As another year comes to a close, we meditate on the concept of regeneration: the process of growth, renewal, and restoration. Whether an intentional act or a natural fluctuation, regeneration allows us to heal from any potential disruption or damage. 

In this extra-long double issue (63/64), writers wrestle with renewal on both a personal and universal level. Dead hermit crabs reincarnate as flies. A wildfire "creates space for sunlight, which nourishes young shoots and stimulates new growth." A grandmother finally begins to heal from the trauma in her past. 

FeaturingElisávet Makridis (winner of the our 2022 Poetry Prize), Jemimah Wei (winner of the 2022 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize), Marianne Jay Erhardt (winner of the 2022 VanderMey Nonfiction Prize), and Bridget Muller-Sampson (winner of the 2022 Flash Prose Prize), along with 20 additional finalists. Also featuring poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and flash prose from our general queues. Photography by Matt Jones.  

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-"Dear Mother" Kelly Fordon
-"Águila del desierto" Daniel Elias Galicia
-"Lemons" Arminé Iknadossian
-"After—" Esteban Ismael
-"Snow Sleep" Sabrina Ito
-"Immortality Is (Im)Material" Jen Karetnick
-"Winter's Carol" Sara Moore Wagner

-"Rapture" Laura Apol
-"Girl in My Youth" Allison Field Bell
-"Why Write Another Poem About the Moon" Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach
-"Aftermath" Julie DeBoer
-"Dear Crossing" Lauren Fulton

-"The Elephant" Amanda Hawkins
-"The Skinning Tree" Julie Hensley
-"Broken Sonnets for the Body" 
Eros Livieratos
-"Little Alps of Grief" Elisávet Makridis
-"Abortion Made a Road" Cathlin Noonan
-"What's a Vegan to Do" Cezanne Waid
-"Hidden Attractions" Yvonne Zipter

-"Angel Bath" Bergita Bugarija
-"Goats" Jason Pfister

-"Warehouse Song" Icarus Laurence
-"Comfort" Cristina Legarda
-"Wooden Airship" Rich Richardson
-"The Replay Channel" Juliana Rosati
-"The Bet" Jemimah Wei

-"In the Petrified Forest" Dan Musgrave

-"An Alphabetic Catalog of Love, Loss, and What We Ate" Melanie Bryant
-"The Body is Loyal" Marianne Jay Erhardt
-"An Eclipse of Moths" Blythe Kingcroft
-"Dogs I've Read" Angelina Strosahl
-"The Lizard Girl & The Alligator King" P. L. Watts

Flash Prose
-"To Have and to Hold" Sacha Bissonnette
-"Go" Andrew Cominelli
-"Salamanders" Allie Dixon
-"Guts, Mostly" Elizabeth Lerman
-"Playlist: Hey Jude" Carla Riccio

-"On the River Trail" Claudia Schatz
-"Broken Home" Alan Schulte
-"When She Wears the Mask" Gabriel Thibodeau

-"The Naming" Sarah Damoff
-"On the Endangered List" Bridget Muller-Sampson

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