Issue 62: Open Hands

Releasing in June 2022

As winter transitions into spring and summer once again, we consider what it means to approach the world with open hands. Traditionally defined as kindly and generous, openhandedness can also represent holding on to something with a loose grip: to welcoming and then letting go over the course of a lifetime or even an instant. 

Issue 62: Open Hands contemplates the ephemeral nature of the world around us. Moments pause and stretch. Characters contemplate and then let go of the past. A mother stands at her screen door, dropping and then holding the handle over and over again. 

Featuring: Denise Miller, our 2021 Broadside Poetry Contest Winner, as well as runner-up Maria Zoccola and nine additional finalists. Fiction by Kevin Clouther, Gabriela Halas, and Victor Ladis Schultz. Nonfiction by Jamie Hudalla and Jason Vrabel. Poetry by Caroline Harper New and Marissa Ahmadkhani. Photography by Matt Jones.  

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-"Cupboard Idyll" Robyn Groth
-"i send my eyes" Chris Talbott
-"Hoarfrost" Merie Kirby
-"taxonomy: bird" Caroline Harper New
-"One Day We’ll Be Fossils" Bethany Bowman
-"Sacrament" Marissa Ahmadkhani
-"Call It Miraculous" Stephanie Niu
-"after the holidays at home" Maria Zoccola
-"Nocturne in Black Mother, Op. 2" Denise Miller
-"How Ravenous the Wolf" Paul Corrigan
-"Adjacent to Light" Bethany Swann  
-"Billy Holiday on the Radio" Laurie Vaughen
-"God of the Imagination" Richard Osler
-"May Day" Heather Jessen

-"Pause Game" Kevin Clouther
-"Between the Fog and the River" Gabriela Halas
-"The Railing" Victor Ladis Schultz

-"The Unknowable Places in Between" Jason Vrabel
-"Creatures of Ritual" Jamie Hudalla

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