Issue 39: Magnificent Frailty


For this issue of Ruminate, we explore life's magnificent frailty. What sublime experiences make us recognize the frailty of life? How is it possible to live in a world where an individual life seems so slight yet also so important? And how does art both provoke and trouble this space of magnificent frailty? Join us in exploring and reflecting on these questions and much more!

FEATURING 2015 Kalos Visual Art Prize judged by Melissa Weinman + 2015 Spiritual Nonfiction Prize judged by Brianna Van Dyke.
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Quo Vadis, Slayer, Jane Holwerda
The Yellow Breakdown, Caitlin Scarano

Let Fall, Zacheriah Kramer
Absurd Frailty Series, Zacheriah Kramer
Silver Vessel Series, Susan Savage
Reunion, Susan Savage

An Apron Between Us, Mary Lotz
The Onyx, Walter Wangerin, Jr.

Three poems by Simon Perchik
Chaplain, Michael Levan
Salt, Cindy Beebe
River Memory, Jerry Harp
Credo, Jerry Harp
At the #1 Fried Chicken & Seafood, Katie Condon
For Her (and Dean Young), Jaime Garcia
Problems of Leisure, Trey Moody
Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, Julie L. Moore
Spring Needles, Julie Howd
Hallucinations of the Real, Julie Howd

William Jolliff's Twisted Shapes of Light, reviewed by Jessie van Eerden

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