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The 2018 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize Finalists & Semifinalists

April 27, 2018

We are excited to announce the semifinalists and finalists of Ruminate's 2018 William Short Story Prize! Thank you to everyone who entered, and special thanks to Susan Woodring, who is judging the prize. The winner, runner-up, and honorable mention of the prize will be announced at the beginning of June. 


Zena Agha
Dan Duffy
Jason Hill
Connor McElwee
Kalpana Negi
William Polf
Laura Schwartz
Jody Struve
Esther Kline
Jason Villemez
Charlie Watts



Riley Bounds, Do Not Let the Sun Go Down
Elaine Crauder, The Artificial Heart
Margaret Fox, Tango Lessons
Ishtar Govia, Cutlass and Scissors
Elizabeth Honaker, Piano Lessons
Rosalind Hughes, La Cathedrale Engloutie 
Emmanuel Jean-Pierre, When Ideas Come Out to Play
Ashton Jones, The Trouble Bible
Ashish Kaul, A Himalayan Mandate in the Middle of Kali Yug
Kristine Kennedy, Underwater
Kendall Klym, Tinker Bell Laundry Detergent
A.C. Koch, Firing Jennifer Johnson
Drew Krepp, A River Story
Rick Krizman, Beast of a Thousand Burdens
David Kunkel, Autographs
Michael Lane, The Absorbed Memories of Fish.
Sabrina Li, Wrapped
Mary Lotz, In a Neighborly Way
Susan Lowell, El Tigre
Geena Matuson, Rabbit
Brook Miller, Icemaker
Lance Nixon, Entanglement
Suzanne Ohlmann, Accordion Lessons
Lisa Piazza, A Sky So Blue
Gary Powel,l Road Trip
Esther Ra, Jellyfish Forest
Melanie Richards, Shabu Shabu
Julia Rocchi, The Last Joyful Mystery
Sophia Ross, Sister Water
Anneliese Schultz, Bread
Morgan Smith, Under A Purple Sky
Richard Surface, Ladies in Waiting
Benjamin Tedoff, At Home
Sally Thomas, The Cool of the Evening
John Thomson, Cruelty
Alana Trumpy, Long Vigil
Sage Webb, Rings
Lindsey Weishar, Stew
Troy Wilderson, Beautiful Stranger
Sandra Worsham, The Vacuum Cleaner

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