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April 01, 2020

A year ago this past February, we launched our first annual Ruminate Happenings. As is true with any first, we weren't sure what to expect. Would the concept work over social media? Would artists and writers want to participate? Would our ticket holders be willing to share their lives with our contributors? Within the first few minutes of our event, we were met with a resounding "yes," and we were reminded of just how much we all thrive on connection.

Once again, in-light of this global pandemic, we are seeking ways to keep our connections whole. During a time when we are being asked to physically distance ourselves from one another, this seems to be more important than ever. Here at Ruminate, the more we strive to engage in this sense of community, the more we find ourselves seeking answers to those questions we asked a year ago. And, once again we are met with affirmations: because of our need to stay apart we are connecting with each other using social media; we are seeking inspiration from artists and writers to bring us hope; we are sharing our lives with strangers in unexpected ways. In that same spirit, it seems only fitting to join Ruminate Happenings to this sacred mantra that has solidified itself into our new normal.

Please join us May 19-23 for this wild and beautiful experience. Our contributors want to take your narrative and as Marie Howe said, "transform it, type it out, and then read it back to [you]. It [is your] own lives, given back, if you will."

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