Chewing on Life, Faith, and Art in 2011

by Ruminate Magazine January 01, 2011

Dear friends, Hello and Happy New Year! Ruminate has had an incredible 2010 thanks to the support of you all, our community. The community response to last year’s year-end appeal generated enough money to support the work of Ruminate for almost the entire 2010 year, enabling us to add a new design to the magazine, host youth and adult poetry workshops, represent Ruminate at three national writing conferences, and publish our biggest issue ever!  We hope you will prayerfully consider Ruminate's needs for the coming year and make a tax-deductible donation—help us continue chewing on life, faith, and art.  (And if you have already made a year-end donation to Ruminate, thank you so much!)
The Borderlands of Art Sojourners Magazine’s Julie Polter recently said Ruminate has “staked a claim in the publishing borderlands where grit and religious devotion, literary experimentation and spirituality, the quirky and the profound can meet and mingle.” We couldn’t agree more. Many of the readers and writers of Ruminate are on the margins of the art world—which is why we’ve been so determined to meet them there—to set up camp on those borderlands and provide a starting point, a place of connection for artist and believer. 2010’s four inspiring issues featured the work of over 70 artists and writers and deepened our thoughts and understanding of ideas about play and jest, borrowing and lending, creativity as a map of our lives and this world, and pilgrimages and journeys. As always, each issue brings work of unique beauty to our readers. Ministering to artists, readers, writers, and believers through works of art is not the mission of your typical literary arts magazine, even though there are over 700 of these publications in the US alone. Nor is this the mission of the thousands of Christian nonprofits serving in the US or abroad. Ruminate stands at the crossroads of art and faith, welcoming disparate communities—from the skeptical painter, to the weary writer who has been told faith and writing is only sentimental or cliché. Like Flannery O’Connor and C.S. Lewis, we aren’t withdrawing from contemporary culture or trying to sanitize it, but are earnestly supporting good art and good writing, knowing that this can start a conversation, can be a meeting place of reconciliation, and can profoundly point to something greater than ourselves. We feel strongly about the work Ruminate is doing and care deeply for the audience and contributors we are serving. This passion hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2010, work published in Ruminate received a notable mention in The Best American Short Stories and was reviewed by NewPages and called “astounding” and “marvelous.” The magazine was awarded two grants, one from the Kerr Foundation to grow our annual youth poetry workshop and our annual art fair, and another from the Van Dyke Charitable Foundation to strengthen our short story contest, not to mention the recent feature article about the work of Ruminate inSojourners Magazine. In addition to the many accomplishments of 2010, Ruminate is looking forward to fall 2011, when, with your help, we have committed to paying our contributors for the wonderful work that they do.
Creating 2011: How You Can Help As the Sojourners articles puts it, Ruminate is seeking out and supporting “works that might not have mass market appeal for reason of style, genre, or content that isn’t scrubbed ‘clean’ enough for Christian retailers.”Ruminate deals with life’s complexities and give artists a forum to wrestle with faith in a way that no other literary magazine does, and to continue this work we need your financial support and your prayers. Although readership and support of Ruminate is increasing, and the accolades and accomplishments are growing, so are our needs. Help us raise $18,000 to pay our contributors and cover the expenses for 2011! Reader support made Ruminate’s 2010 accomplishments possible, and it will make 2011 possible, too. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter or giving a one-time donation.  If just 200 people signed up to give $10 a month or gave a one-time donation of $100 we could meet our goal for 2011!  If you are already a monthly supporter, consider increasing your donation by $10 a month – for less than a meal out, you will directly support the only publication that “allows for Christian writing without checking the complexities of life at the door.” We know how tough the economic times are and appreciate every donation at every amount. Please join us! You can donate online , or if you prefer to pay by check, you can send it to Ruminate at 140 N. Roosevelt Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521. With much gratitude, The Ruminate Staff
p.s. a gift-subscription Ruminate makes a great Christmas gift for writers and artists!

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