Celebrating 2013

by Brianna Van Dyke December 27, 2013

[H]ello and happy new year! 2013 has been filled with change: a new office for the Ruminate staff, the introduction of the 7x7 Art Auction, where nearly fifty artists shared their work with you in support of Ruminate, and a new binding for our magazine that quite literally strengthens the spine of our magazine and its life on your bookshelf.  Through it all, your support has sustained us. We ask you to continue your support of Ruminate into 2014, and help us grow this organization into a touchstone for the conversation about faith and art. This is not a simple or easy task.  But Ruminate has committed itself to the nourishing rather than the convenient and seven years and thirty issues later, we still love making this beautiful print magazine. It would be easier to abandon the printed page and restrict our publication to the digital realm. It would be cheaper, too. But we believe in the power of the object—of what a perfect-bound, color-printed issue of Ruminate requires of you when it shows up on your door step. It asks you to slow down, to consider, to get lost for a while in its pages.  Art, as you know, provides no single answer or perhaps any answer at all. Often a poem kaleidoscopes into metaphor just when we think it might offer a solution; a painting lulls us into meditation and stretches us away from the binary world we so often inhabit. We are complex creatures. We are more than yes and no, zeroes and ones. Ruminate, for the past seven years, has gathered rich, finely wrought art that responds to this complexity. It’s hard to be a non-profit literary magazine in this economy, and harder still to be an arts magazine engaging faithBut with your help, we persevere. Your generous gifts make the statement that faith and art are important, and that the two together enrich our world.  They allow us to pay our contributors and our staff, acknowledging their time and creativity, knowing that no amount we can pay them will ever measure the impact of their art. Help us continue our mission of examining the complexities of life and faith through art.  Make a tax-deductible donation and choose to support the publication we are so blessed to create. And join in the conversation about faith and art by subscribing today!  Use the coupon code Save15 during checkout and save 15% on your subscription, or take advantage of our gift subscription offer and share the work we publish with the people you love. Thank you for your support, for your time, and for believing in our mission. With much gratitude, Brianna Van Dyke Editor-in-Chief p.s. You can make the most impact by signing up for a recurring monthly donation, a gift that Ruminate can count on every month. p.p.s. Thank you to those of you who have already given a year-end donation to Ruminate. So far, we've raised $1280 of our $5000 year-end campaign goal! (You can track our progress here.)

Brianna Van Dyke
Brianna Van Dyke


Brianna Van Dyke is the founder and editor-in-chief of Ruminate. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband and their two children on a working CSA farm. In addition to tending to Ruminate, she also enjoys leading retreats in the Ruminate Barn and taking retreats, too.

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