Art Matters: Words of Thanks and Love

by Ruminate Magazine November 03, 2015

All of us at Ruminate wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful words of love and all the support we received from our community–together we raised $40,000!  We also heard from many of you who asked us to extend our campaign...thank you for caring about Ruminate! Good news: we are still accepting donations and all proceeds from subscriptions and gift subscriptions will still go towards the campaign.

But our little staff just ran a marathon, and we'll now be switching gears to work on the Winter Issue, so we won't be actively promoting the campaign. We'll take the next week or so to meet with our board and staff and decide the next step for Ruminate. We'll definitely keep you all posted. We're so close to our goal of $60,000, and we can't believe all the support we received!

Over the campaign, we were also showered with so many kind words of support and love. We were so overwhelmed by the encouraging responses, that we thought we’d share them with you, and also say again: THANK YOU for your continued encouragement, support, and love.

Ruminate Magazine published my first story. They published another story that I later read aloud for an audience at the Word and Words conference at Sojourn Community Church, which made for a majorly significant moment in my life as a person and writer--and I believe it touched some others too. They are doing something unique with the beautiful, thoughtfully themed issues full of established and new writers and artists grappling with faith in their work. Please consider supporting if you can. I want to see this magazine go on and I think our world needs it to. – Shannon M.S.

I'm going to say that without Ruminate Magazine there wouldn't be a book of my poems called #‎collageofseoul. This magazine re-routed the trajectory of my writing life. #saveruminate – Jae N.

Your editors and editorial staff create a very polished and quality magazine. It just keeps getting better and better. […] Writers are nothing without publishers.  You published some of my first works. Thank you for all of your diligence and creative talent! Best of luck! – Mitchell U.

I would be heartbroken if Ruminate shut down... You published my first essay, and several of my poems over the years.  Not only that, your magazine has a consistent quality that I admire immensely...My deepest gratitude for all you've done over the years–all the unpaid hard work. It shouldn't be like that, and I hope things change. – Charity G.

I have no background in writing, and very little in reading literature. Ruminate magazine has been part of an introduction to writing, for me.  I really like Ruminate Magazine because the writing reflects how complicated life, and faith, are. The writing is subtle, and never emotionally manipulative. I haven't found another Christian-themed magazine of which those are true (except the brief poetry in Christian Century).  Your writers' work is classy, is not crude, doesn't attempt to shock, and are almost always looking at deeper human emotions and themes, and our Christian faith is so gently woven under the surface. – Anonymous 

Ruminate was the first place to publish my writing, and it's thanks to them I was recognized by Best American. And I know I'm nowhere near the only writer they've championed over the past ten years. Let's help them get a real staff and grow and stick around! Tyler M. 

Ruminate published 6 of my poems in the first couple years after graduating from the MFA program we all know and love. One of those 6 went on to win a special place on another front cover. I LOVE Ruminate! Mary V.D.

If it weren't for Ruminate Magazine, I wouldn't be where I am now. During my yearlong internship with them in college, I discovered that there were other people like me: compelled to create something beautiful, and convinced that a language and context of faith makes art more robust, not brittle.

They flew me out to Colorado to take pictures and video of a beautiful dinner and workshop. They put my photo on the cover of an issue. They were the first venue I ever published my writing. As an intern, and later as their Website Editor, I got to work with my role model Brianna Van Dyke, from whom I learned something simple: if there's something big you want to make, make it. It won't be easy, but it will be meaningful in ways that extend beyond yourself.

If it weren't for my time at Ruminate, I wouldn't have sent my resume to Gregory Wolfe and I wouldn't be in Seattle now, coming up on my second year at my dream job at Image Journal.

At Image there's a poem we share with our interns at their orientation, "To Be of Use" by Marge Piercy. It ends: "The pitcher cries for water to carry / and a person for work that is real." That's what Ruminate gave me: a thirst for work that is real, and the confidence to pursue it.

Please join me in supporting Ruminate now, so they can continue to do the very real, deeply meaningful work that they do. Aubrey A.

Thank you, everyone, who shared our campaign, donated, subscribed, or in any way supported Ruminate. All of us on this little staff are forever grateful. Again, we are keeping the donation page open as we shift gears onto the Winter Issue, so there is still time to support and save Ruminate. Let's keep telling the world Art Matters!

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