Art Matters: Save Ruminate Campaign

September 29, 2015

Dear Readers, Ruminate is at a fork in the road, and we want nothing more than to take the path toward growth and sustainability. And we have realized that we need to ask our community, our people, you all, to walk alongside us as we do this work. For a small, reader-supported nonprofit that invites slowing down, paying attention, telling the truth, embracing beauty that is complex, and doing small things with great love (as Mother Theresa said), each supporter truly matters. So, we wanted to share with you all where we are at. Here are our current support numbers:
  • Average of 500 annual paid subscribers
  • 4 monthly donors
  • Average of 15 one-time annual donors

Here are our current numbers for the community we serve:

  • over 5,000 annual submissions from writers and artists
  • our website has an average of 4,000 visitors each month
  • over 8,000 people signed up for our monthly email newsletters
You can see how these numbers are skewed! A critical part of our work over the next months is going to be balancing these numbers by focusing on growing our circulation numbers and our fundraising base. In order to do this, we need to hire staff.
Ruminate has been volunteer-powered for the past nine years, paying only small stipends to our talented staff who all have day jobs in order to pay their bills. With three full-time staff members, we are confident that we can take on this task of growing Ruminate and balancing the numbers. While Ruminate will always depend on volunteer help for some tasks such as reading submissions, a primarily volunteer staff is not sustainable. We believe taking Ruminate to the next level requires hiring and paying three full-time staff members—a marketing and fundraising position, an editor-in-chief position, and a managing editor position. To cover these three positions for one year, we need to raise a total of $73,000. So far we've raised $13,000, which leaves an additional $60,000 to raise. After one year, we are confident that the magazine will be able to pay for these positions via the projected increase in sales and fundraising. Because a volunteer staff is no longer sustainable, we will sadly be closing our doors in January 2016 if we don't not meet our goal. Please join us in our goal to raise $60,000 for our Art Matters campaign. Join us in ensuring that Ruminate is financially sustainable in the years to come so that it can continue to serve the artist and writing community! Our 10-day #ArtMatters campaign to raise $60,000 starts October 20th!
PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TODAY! With much gratitude, Brianna Van Dyke -- Editor-in-Chief Ruminate Magazine

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