Art Matters: Save Ruminate

by Brianna Van Dyke April 29, 2015

Dear Readers, Ruminate is taking a leap of faith–and we need your help to make it. Ruminate has been volunteer-powered for the past ten years, paying only small stipends to our talented staff who all pay the bills with other full-time day jobs. We love Ruminate, but we can no longer continue to work two jobs to keep it going. The truth is, we’re tired. Our families are tired. We need help. We realized we needed to ask our community, our people, you all, to walk alongside us as we do this work, as we take this leap of faith. Ruminate is growing and so are its needs and the time and attention it demands. Ruminate requires a dedicated staff to support the artists and writers that we publish—full-time personnel to market and fundraise, an editor-in-chief, and a managing editor. To do this effectively, and to keep giving a voice to all the brave artists and writers who need to be heard, we're holding a 10-day fundraising campaign. Our essential goal is to raise $60,000. Without the support of our community, we will have to close our doors in January 2016 and, with a heavy heart, publish our last issue in March. Your donation will make a difference. We have over 4,000 visitors to our blog each month. If everyone reading this blog post could dig up $15, we'll meet our gutsy goal! For a small, reader-supported nonprofit that invites slowing down, paying attention, telling the truth, embracing beauty that is complex, and doing small things with great love (as Mother Theresa said), each supporter truly matters. Take a stand, and say that art matters. Say that Ruminate matters. Watch your donation make a difference. GIVE TODAY and ensure that Ruminate is financially sustainable in the years to come. Thank you for making a commitment to art and faith. Please click the share buttons below to tell friends and family about Ruminate's campaign! With much gratitude, Brianna Van Dyke — Editor-in-Chief Ruminate Magazine

Brianna Van Dyke
Brianna Van Dyke


Brianna Van Dyke is the founder and editor-in-chief of Ruminate. She loves Annie Dillard, the ocean, encouraging others, and barbeques along the Poudre River. Brianna lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband and their two children on a working CSA farm. She also enjoys leading retreats in the Ruminate Barn and taking retreats, too.

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