2017 Kalos Visual Art Prize Winners: Lucas Moneypenny + Chakila Hoskins

by Ruminate Magazine February 01, 2017

Ruminate Magazine is excited to share with you the winners of the 2017 Kalos Visual Art Prize. The winning visual art was selected by our final judge, Scott Kolbo. You can view the art in Issue 42: Forming One Another. 


FIRST PLACE: Lucas Moneypenny

Lucas Moneypenny graduated with his BFA from Grand Valley State University outside of Grand Rapids, MI. His personal experience with faith and religion influences his artistic investigations. Inspired by religious works of art, he attempts to discover their relevance to the human narrative through contemporary art making. Currently he lives and works at the Interlochen Center for the Arts as a Residential Manager for the academy. Despite this being his primary vocation, Lucas equally values his identity as an artist, striving to balance and blend the two.

Our final judge Scott Kolbo writes:

"These accomplished paintings represent a unique engagement with the tradition of the figure and the formalist expressive painting legacy of the 20th century. Themes of embodied spirituality are explored through calligraphic brushstrokes and swirls of color, resulting in arresting compositions that communicate something of the mystery and glory of the human experience." 

You can view Lucas’ winning works in issue 42.

SECOND PLACE: Chakila L. Hoskins

Chakila L. Hoskins is a fine arts painter and drawer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She began honing her God-given talents at Grand Rapids Community College, where she received her AFA (2009). Hoskins continued her journey earning her BFA in Painting; minor in drawing from Kendall College of Art & Design (2012), where she recently received her MFA in Painting. Hoskins’s work focuses on themes of Spirituality, Eternal Life, and the inclusion of all people, particularly the blind and visually impaired. 

Our final judge Scott Kolbo writes:

"These works were appealing due to the diversity of the sources of subject matter and the deft handling of many different forms of media (including poems written in braille). The complex compositional structure and representations of diverse individuals reward extended contemplation."

You can view Chakila’s winning works in issue 42.


 Drawn to the stories and histories that tie one individual to another, Carolyn Mount works to reveal the interconnectedness that shapes our world. Utilizing a variety of tools and mediums including drawing, printmaking, ceramics, textiles, or relational means of expression, Mount gives material form to our social or personal experiences. Since her mother died a year and a half ago, Carolyn has embarked on a new career in palliative care, working with and supporting the spiritual needs of those who are dying or in the end stages of life. She has found her second vocation. More info can be found at www.carolynmount.com.

Our final judge Scott Kolbo writes:

"This series features a refreshingly different approach to investigating themes around the body, age, and "how our scars and our bodies worn out places speak to the weight of our hopes, grief, labor, love and loss."


Steven carrelli

John Chang

Matthew Eames

Maggie Evans

Caitlin Fennelly

Mary Grisey

Susan Hart

Adrian Johnston

Ryota Matsumoto

Jean Nagai

Ekateria popova

Susan Aaron-Taylor

Bethany Wray

Thank you to all of you who entered the Visual Art Prize!  

Ruminate Magazine hosts an annual contest for short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. You can read more about our writing contests and art contest here.


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