2016 Kalos Visual Art Prize Winners: Zacheriah Kramer + Susan Savage

by Ruminate Magazine May 20, 2016

Ruminate Magazine is excited to share with you the winners of the 2016 Kalos Visual Art Prize. The winning visual art was selected by our final judge, Melissa Weinman. You can view the art in Issue 39: Magnificent Frailty, which releases this coming June.

FIRST PLACE: Zacheriah Kramer

  Zacheriah Kramer   grew up on the farmlands of Northern Colorado, tramping around a catch-pond and irrigation ditch with eager eyes wide open. In later years, he discovered the humanities, formally studying philosophy, theology, and language, and finally, traditional painting at The Florence Academy of Art in both Gothenburg Sweden, and Florence, Italy. Zacheriah lives with his wife, Kristin, and their two small children in a tiny cottage in the woods in the highlands of south-central Sweden. Our final judge Melissa Weinman writes:

“Let Fall  embodies the fragile, eternal, and mystical nature of our incarnation as described so eloquently in the artist's statement. The physical qualities of the body--flesh and growing hair--and cirrocumulus clouds (those highest flying) are juxtaposed as earth and heaven. The symbolic cutting of hair is both letting go of personal (ego) power and of being reborn."

You can view Let Fall and Zacheriah's other winning works in issue 39, which releases this coming June. 

SECOND PLACE: Susan Savage

  Susan Savage received her BA and MFA in Painting from the University of California Santa Barbara. Education has been the central focus of her professional life, where the nurturing and encouragement of individuals in their creative and technical pursuits was a passionate, stimulating, and rewarding adventure. Recently retired as Professor Emeritus from Westmont College and a long and rich career in secondary and higher education, she looks forward to establishing her painting pursuits full time. Inspired by II Corinthians 4:18, her painting pursuits have enriched both her personal and professional life as they have provided a meaningful way for her to investigate and share the unseen realities and truths of the Christian faith.  


Born and raised in Shanghai, China, John Chang is an artist baed in Southern California. John's work has been widely exhibited, including, Alexander Brest Museum at Jacksonville University, Julina Togonon Fine Art, Fresh Paint Art Gallery, and many others. He holds an MFA in Visual Art from College of Art and Design at Lesley University in Boston, Massachusetts. He Studied under the well known artists Xu Bing and Judith Barry.


Jeffrey Austin
Sarah-Twiggy Boyer
Leigh Craven
Dana De Ano
Erin Endicott
Erika Huddleston 
Larry Javorsky
Saskia Kidd 
Jennifer Kimbrough
Ryota Matsumoto
Eva Redamonti
Meg Stein
Alison Stinely
Xiao Wang
Connie Wolfe
Debra Wuliger

Thank you to all of you who entered the Visual Art Prize!  
Ruminate Magazine hosts an annual contest for short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. You can read more about our writing contests and art contest here.

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