2012 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize Winners

by Ruminate Magazine March 12, 2012

[R]uminate is proud to announce the winners from our 2012 William Van Dyke Short Story Prize, as selected by finalist judge Walter Wangerin, Jr. The finalists for the short story contest were selected by the Ruminate staff. Congratulations to the winners and finalists, and thanks to everyone who entered the contest! Firs place winner, Ms. Nahal Suzanne Jamir, was awarded a $1000 cash prize, and her story, and second-place winner Christopher Yates' story, are featured in Ruminate‘s Issue 23: The Stories We Tell.
First Place
Nahal Suzanne Jamir, “Stories My Mother Told Me”      
Second Place
Christopher Yates, “Silo Factor”    
Honorable Mention
Angie Netro, “The Wise Avenue”
Kirsten Clodfelter, “How to Prepare for a Disaster” John Fried, “Destroy All Monsters” A.G. Harmon, “For Your Listening Pleasure” David Hopes, “First Full Night of Winter” Anneliese Schultz, “Child” Britt Tisdale, “Flower Pepper” Ruminate’s Short Story Prize is held annually. Entries may be submitted through our online submission manager. Please read the full guidelines for the short story contest.

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