Snow Sleep

Snow Sleep

October 03, 2022




Snow Sleep

by Sabrina Ito



she would put the baby out
in the snow, for winter sleep

when there was talk 
of too much crying 

and of that weak 
style of mothering -
that was too indulgent,
raised too many 
spoiled, ungrateful

a cure-all for the colic,
was a baby
in a well-bundled snowsuit -
tucked in deep,
watching snowflakes 
heap and gather into folds 
between the rib cage, 
of her pink bassinet.

and soon, baby sleeps
and mother rests
on the new chesterfield,
her last cigarette.







Portrait of Sabrina Ito

Sabrina Ito's poems have appeared in Bamboo Ridge, Clarion Magazine, Slipstream Press, and Coachella Review, among others. She is also the author of poetry chapbooks, The Witches of Lila Springs (Plan B Press, 2018) and Messages from Salt Water (Finishing Line Press, 2019).

For more information, visit Sabrina’s website:



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