The Pool Party - Ruminate Magazine

The Pool Party

September 22, 2020

She knew she wasn’t supposed to see the kiss or the way the dark-haired boy stroked Josh’s back. And yet she did see.

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The Caterpillar Plant - Ruminate Magazine

The Caterpillar Plant

September 01, 2020

He squatted down, studying the way their bodies would scrunch together and expand outwards with each step. He knew they’d be butterflies but couldn’t see how.

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Your Grandmother's Antique - Ruminate Magazine

Your Grandmother's Antique

August 13, 2020

Your grandmother, whose mouth you know so well, once told you the body will listen when the earth speaks.

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Rewriting History - Ruminate Magazine

Rewriting History

July 16, 2020

It’s hot, air thick / as maple syrup, and mosquitos feast / on any flesh they find. Our bites bleed / blue as we lie in the grass

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