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Small Things with Great Love

September 26, 2020


For me, Ruminate’s support was an act of love that helped me more closely examine the kind of work that I hoped to continue making. This encouragement helped me solidify what I wanted—to make work that tells the stories of real people in such intimate ways that it causes the viewer to love them like I do, and even more importantly, like God does.

Trinh Mai, Visual Artist from Issue 47


Whether you are a reader, contributor, supporter, or all three, you have experienced the kind of work described by contributor Trinh Mai in Ruminate’s pagespoems, stories, essays, and art that convey the fullness of the human experience. With every issue, Ruminate invites you to “slow down, read deeply, and live awake.” Together, we take time to pause from the frantic pace of everyday life, sit with beautiful words and art printed on real paper, and share truths that aren’t often heard. 

For fourteen years, Ruminate has nourished and inspired readers in their creative and contemplative lives. We publish over 200 writers and artists each year, including emerging and new artists who make their debut in our pages or are recognized by national anthologies such as Best American Essays, Best New Poets, Best American Short Stories, and The Pushcart Prize. Our commitment to paying writers and artists for the work they do is at the core of our work. We rely on the support of every member of our community to publish these important voices. 

Today, we invite you to support Ruminate with a gift that will allow us to sustain, and grow, this exceptional community of writers, artists, and readers. This gift can be given as a one-time payment of spread over the course of the year. Trinh Mai described the support Ruminate provided to her as an “act of love”we hope that you view your gift as a similar act of love that is as powerful as it is generous. 

You can make your gift online by going to At Ruminate, we have always celebrated small things done with great lovethe $20 paid to a poet for their first publication is an affirmation of their work, their vision, and the world we as a community want to experience. In a time of tumult and uncertainty, art and the written world are the bedrock of this community.  We are grateful to have you as part of the Ruminate family.  



Keira Havens
President, Board of Directors
Ruminate Magazine


Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash

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