Small Miracles & Happy Dances

Small Miracles & Happy Dances

December 07, 2018 1 Comment

We're trying to make a small miracle over here in our little corner of the world—sending Ruminate's goodness into the hands and hearts of more readers over the next few weeks. Last year it was 75 new and renewed subscriptions. This year we're shooting for 100.

Why is this a small miracle? The most obvious answer is that we're still here and thriving, at a time when most literary magazines don't make it past the first year or two, at a time when a small contemplative magazine paying its bills and it's contributors without any funding outside of it's readers is pretty amazing.

But the real and small and mighty miracle is the sacred encounters Ruminate creates, helping us delight and weep over one another's stories and believe that maybe we too can live awake and in awe of these lives we've been given. That’s what I find in the pages of Ruminate, and I hope that's what you've found in the pages of Ruminate.

And when you share this gift, please know that the miracle keeps unfolding far beyond just these weeks. With each order that comes through we seriously do a happy dance knowing that the good work of our contributors will be seen and held by more hearts and our little nonprofit is earning the funds that will help us start the new year strong.

Our staff is deeply encouraged as we witness each intimate act of one human sharing something they love with another. Again, a small miracle.


You can track our progress on our subscription drive here!

With hope and astonishment,

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Madeline Twooney
Madeline Twooney

December 21, 2018

Brianna, l’m so happy for Ruminate’s success!

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