Ruminate Happenings Spotlight on Katie Manning

Ruminate Happenings Spotlight on Katie Manning

May 01, 2020 1 Comment

Katie Manning will be participating in Ruminate Happenings 2020. You won't want to miss this unique and creative space where contributors and readers come together for our live-streamed event. Get your tickets available May 1 to ensure that our contributors, like Katie, will be creating one of a kind writing or art made just for you.

Katie's poem, Sighting Grief, originally appeared in Issue 52: In Transit. 



a cento for Marthe Reed


There are fewer galaxies here:
there, here, lodged in time,
words dramatic beside the window
the way light opens day.
What I meant to say was
you’re gone,
but no voice came.
We part laughing and dead—
line and pause
like a code tapped through a wall—
a warning (maybe),
a long cry from there,
an ache that is not pain.



Note: The title, even lines, and final line come from Marthe Reed’s coastal geometries and (em)bodied bliss.The odd lines come from work by Emily Capettini, C. S. Carrier, J. Bruce Fuller, Katie Manning, Forrest Roth, and Ki Russell, who were Marthe’s doctoral students at UL-Lafayette


Photo by Pawel Nolbert on Unsplash

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Laurie Klein
Laurie Klein

May 01, 2020

Katie, I love this constellation of voices and lines, their collective, haunting span—the universe, the human heart, the eternal longing to make contact. Thank you!

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