7×7 Jubilee Art Auction Preview #5

Our final 7×7 preview–be sure to come back for the real thing on September 1st!

35_Geoffrey Jensen_Ciudad
Artist: Geoffrey Dean Jensen
Title: Ciudad Juarez
Medium: Pen and colored pencil

36_Geffrey Jensen_Have One on Me

Artist: Geoffrey Dean Jensen
Title: Have One on Me
Medium: Pen

37_Marianne Lettieri

Artist: Marianne Lettieri
Website: www.mariannelettieri.com
Title: Revealed
Medium: Collage

38_Andrew Loy
Artist: Andrew Loy
Title: Maudslay Slate
Medium: Aquatint Etching

40_Allyson Arendsee
Artist: Allyson Arendsee
Medium: colored pencil, acrylic and ink

39_Hannah Yost
Title: Hannah Yost
Title: Shed Some Light on It
Medium: Pen

41_Keaton Hudson
Name: Keaton Hudson
Website: www.keatonhudson.com
Title:  Metanoia

42_Samantha Watts
Name: Samantha Watts
Website: samwattsart.com
Title: Measured
Medium: mixed media

43_Christiane Buuck
Artist: Christiane Buuck
Title: Thrums
Medium: Fiber on Paper

Artist: Margot Rogers
Title: Self on Self

Medium: Ink on Paper

45_Jeff Foster
Artist: Jeff Foster
Title: Joy as Opposed to Happiness
Medium: digital painting

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