On Publishing Frederick Buechner

On Publishing Frederick Buechner

We have already received quite a few comments from you all, most of whom, after picking up Issue 08, were in awe to see Pulitzer Prize finalist Frederick Buechner in the table of contents.  And we feel the same way. It was a delight and an honor to publish “Our Last Drive Together,” an essay in which Buechner reflects with wit and tenderness on the act of bringing his mother home. You can read an excerpt of the essay, and for the full experience, get Issue 08. And if by some anomaly, you don’t know Mr. Buechner or his work, just check out his biographical note at the end of his essay. Also, if you enjoy the essay, make sure to check out the collection it will appear in this summer, Yellow Leaves: A Miscellany.

Lately, when people ask us how Ruminate is doing, or what’s the latest with Ruminate, we have been telling them, “Well, we just published an essay by Frederick Buechner!” This is usually followed by gasps or ahhs, but a few friends have asked why this news is so pertinent to Ruminate‘s overall health. And just in case you are wondering the same thing, let me explain.

We are excited about this opportunity because it means that Ruminate‘s credibility as a new literary and art magazine that engages the christian faith has quickly become solid enough to warrant publishing Mr. Buechner––and for us, this is a true success.  Yes, this may be a slightly abstract way of weighing success, but in an organization where spreadsheets and bank statements aren’t always the best indicators, you simply have to create new categories, new definitions of triumphs.

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Brianna Van Dyke is the founder and editor-in-chief of Ruminate. She loves Annie Dillard, the ocean, encouraging others, and barbeques along the Poudre River. Brianna lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with her husband and their two children on a working CSA farm. She also enjoys leading retreats in the Ruminate Barn and taking retreats, too.

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